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“Move over, Flannery O’Connor, and make room for a new master. Mark Childress has written yet another laugh-out-loud Southern classic."  -- Fannie Flagg

"Georgia Bottoms is one of my favorite characters in recent years ... , in a story filled with serious challenges and fabulous people, good and bad, rich and poor, stunning and appalling, sometimes all at once. " – Anne Lamott, autho
r of Imperfect Birds

“This is Mark Childress's finest novel.  I adore Georgia Bottoms, novel and character.  Her story is funny, smart, serious and engaging beginning to end.   A must read.”  – Lynn Freed, author of The Servants' Quarters

“A sparkling novel... Mark Childress once again proves himself the master of American comic fiction.” – Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander

Hey y'all!

The people interested in my work are a ragtag bunch of hardy misfits, devoted to Tupperware and Red Dot No. 9.  We've been to Willie's Island and the original Pigeon Creek, to Memphis with Leroy Kirby and his invisible twin, all the way to the Golden Gate with Lucille and her Maison Blanche hatbox.  We've even been to Minor High with Daniel.  I don't know where else we're going before we're through, but so far it's been one hell of a ride.  CLICK HERE to check out my other books... or click the cover at right to check out my new one -- or  HERE to see the new edition of my first novel, back in print after many years. 
    Read the book that started it all!   Click here to check out the new edition of A World Made of Fire.  Or, if you are into the Amazon Kindle, you can buy the book for the rock-bottom remainder price of  $2.99 !  That is a HECK of a lot of words for the money. 
One reviewer likened A World Made of Fire to
"Flannery O'Connor mixed with Cormac McCarthy, as told by a Southern-fried Stephen King."  The book is lyrical, non-comic on its surface, poetic in its language (it's prose, but in iambic pentameter), and pretty dark.  Features the first appearance of Jacko, who is also a character in
One Mississippi.  I published this novel when I was 26.  Very different from Crazy in Alabama or One Mississippi, but I like it.  Of course, I'm biased....
  Click here to read about One Mississippi

 Click here to read about Crazy in Alabama

  Dig the tres cool jacket of the new French edition of Crazy in Alabama.  Buy it now at FNAC.
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