The Mark Childress page                     

                                                                                                               all about high school
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  GONE FOR GOOD:  a novel
                                                   Superman gets his wish
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   CRAZY IN ALABAMA:  a novel
                                      Peejoe, Wiley, and Aunt Lucille
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  TENDER:  a novel
                                      a boy, his twin, a magic guitar
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   V FOR VICTOR:  a novel
                                       a monster in Mobile Bay, 1944
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   A WORLD MADE OF FIRE:  a novel
                                               watch out for witchy boys
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   I've written three books for children:  Joshua and Bigtooth, Joshua and the Big Bad Blue Crabs, and Henry Bobbity Is Missing! (And It Is All Billy Bobbity's Fault) 
   My mom's recipes.  All proceeds to Habitat for Humanity to support their continuing efforts to rebuild New Orleans.  Buy it now.

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