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Georgia Bottoms

Jacket copy, Little, Brown hardcover ediiton:


Georgia Bottoms may be Six Points, Alabama’s finest feature--beautiful, worldly, a splendid cook and faithful churchgoer who cares for her aged mother and sells handmade quilts to her grateful neighbors. 


Georgia also has a discreet side business, “entertaining” six local gentlemen at night.  Judge Barnett on Sunday, Sheriff Allred on Friday, the doctor on Wednesday (Monday’s are Georgia’s own).  Each gentleman gets a night tailored to his particular tastes; each has been trained to leave a “gift” to help Georgia get by, and each one thinks he is Georgia’s only secret lover.


When Preacher Eugene Hendrix (Saturdays) decides he must confess their affair in front of his wife and the entire congregation, Georgia may be able to stop him in time.  But one pin pulled out of her elaborately protected life may be all it takes to send the whole structure to hell in a hurry.  Chin high, posture perfect, her Chanel handbag firmly clasped in her hand, Georgia sets out to save herself, her mama, and her particular notion of virtue from total ruin.  Nothing in Six Points will ever be the same.


Written with hilarity, insight, and affection for the many failings of man - and womankind, Georgia Bottoms plumbs the irrepressible workings of the rebellious human heart.  It is proof anew of why Stephen King called Childress’s previous novel, One Mississippi, “the funniest novel I have read in ten years!”

“Move over, Flannery O’Connor, and make room for a new master. Mark Childress has written yet another laugh-out-loud Southern classic. In his new novel, Georgia Bottoms, you will meet the most hilariously dysfunctional bunch of characters to come down the literary pike in years. Try to stop laughing!”
 – Fannie Flagg, author of I Still Dream About You 

"Georgia Bottoms is one of my favorite characters in recent years, a lovingly drawn woman from a small Southern town,  charming, hilarious, heartbreaking, warm and tough, rich in charm and denial and insight. She's an inspired creation who grows before our very eyes, in a story filled with serious challenges and fabulous people, good and bad, rich and poor, stunning and appalling, sometimes all at once.  They all ring true, and I will never forget them.  This is Childress's best book yet."  – Anne Lamott, author of Imperfect Birds

“This is Mark Childress's finest novel.  I adore Georgia Bottoms, novel and character.  Her story is funny, smart, serious and engaging beginning to end.   A must read.”  – Lynn Freed, author of The Servants’ Quarters

“A sparkling novel... Mark Childress once again proves himself the master of American comic fiction.” – Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander and Paint it Black

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