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The title of this novel from Childress (One Mississippi, 2006, etc.) refers to a person rather than to a place—and what a memorable character she turns out to be.  (Feb.)

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Sassy Southern belle Georgia has a lot of secrets: a rotation of gentleman callers with unique sexual needs, a mother with a tenuous hold on reality, and a lucrative (if dodgy) business of selling at a huge mark-up the folk art quilts she buys and passes off as her own creations. 
But then ... all the plates she once spun so effortlessly in midair come crashing down.  Childress (One Mississippi) is sassy magnolia lit's Truman Capote--sharply observant, unrelentingly honest, and downright hilarious--and his Georgia peach is the freshest bad girl to rise from the South since Scarlett O'Hara. (Feb.)


GEORGIA BOTTOMS is a real piece of work. An Alabama beauty in her thirties who goes to church for appearance's sake.... Childress is a master of regional detail.... Georgia Bottoms is an amusing tale of small-town naughtiness that should please most readers.


One of the most irresistible liars to ever whip up a batch of pimento cheese sandwiches, the irreverent Georgia allows Childress to poke delicious fun at a number of sacred cows, from Rosa Parks to Southern Baptists to 9/11 .... an incomparable ear for dialogue and heaps of sexy slapstick.


This is Mark Childress' seventh novel, and it is a doozy. It is set, like his others (you may have read "Crazy in Alabama" or "One Mississippi") in the South, and the simple act of reading "Georgia Bottoms" releases tension; buttons are undone, shoes kicked off — man, is it hot.


In this hilarious Southern-fried novel, belle Georgia Bottoms cuts a sassy swath through the town her family has occupied for generations.  Though the clan was once prosperous, gorgeous Georgia now makes ends meet with help from a round-robin of lovers.  Riffs on small-town hypocrisy and racial tensions enliven the plot, but it's the unsinkable Georgia who makes the book delicious.


Childress, an Alabama native, brings the same humor and flair for drama to GEORGIA BOTTOMS that made his novel CRAZY IN ALABAMA such a hit. He is a master of penning
dialect, especially when it’s uttered south of the Mason-Dixon line. Georgia’s Southern accent
floats off the page, making Georgia Bottoms a quick, entertaining novel for Childress fans and new readers alike. A must-read, y'all.


Even if you aren't typically drawn to books with shoes on their covers, don't mistake Georgia Bottoms for anything other than what it is: a lively adventure story about a woman who's gotten herself into a large mess (or three) and is largely responsible for arranging her own rescue.


Georgia Bottoms is our heroine, and the novel lives mostly in her marvelously goodhearted but teeming and scheming mind. Childress knows his way around ... skillfully crafted, memorable and amusing.  Georgia, good-looking and devious, is a compelling character who keeps the narrative alive with her survival skills.

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