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Kids' Books

  JOSHUA AND BIGTOOTH was inspired by my little nephew Josh, who is now six feet seven inches tall, quite an excellent professional chef, and no longer interested in alligators except perhaps as an ingredient. The book is out of print, was published by Little, Brown. You can usually find copies for sale at Alibris.

  HENRY BOBBITY IS MISSING (AND IT IS ALL BILLY BOBBITY'S FAULT!) was truly a labor of love. I was delighted to work with Alabama's own Crane Hill Publishers. I love reading this story aloud. Click here to buy the book from Amazon!
  JOSHUA AND THE BIG BAD BLUE CRABS was the followup to Joshua and Bigtooth, in which Granny's precious pie is set upon by a band of nasty crustaceans. Also out of print, often available at Alibris.
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